Posted by: The Story Lady | 29 January 2009

Meetings and Awkward Moments

Now it’s story time! Every week I’ll be writing a short narrative on the interesting happenings at the Umkulo Project allowing you guys a glimpse into the journey.

Recently we had a meeting at every Belmont student’s second home, Bongo Java. We met with a couple of Belmont administrative insiders (Christy Ridings-University Ministries and Todd Lakes- Director of Spiritual Development) for a brainstorming session on how The Umkulo Project and Belmont University could develop a relationship. There were great ideas about how we could utilize professors. However, I walked away from the meeting struck more by the critical analysis and encouragement of the two. Each one asked tough questions, gave good advice, and offered sweet nothings in our ears…Just kidding. But they did leave us with the feeling that we can really pull this project together and change the world through music. I am hoping now that my conversations about The Umkulo Project will always furnish golden nuggets of hope and knowledge.

One last thought. Last week I was making a donation inquiry call to a large business. The customer service rep was extremely agreeable but tended to slur words. In reply to the first question, I hesitatingly responded, “Yes Sir.” Awkward silence. The customer service rep who I now believe is a woman rallied her true customer service skills and continued with our conversation. The rest of the time I used non-gender specific responses…The moral of this story is: Don’t use gendered responses to strangers unless you are 1000% positive of the gender on the other side of the line. It can get awkward.

Lauren Winfield — The Story Lady


  1. hahaha open mouth, insert foot…

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