Posted by: chrisdorsey87 | 1 February 2009

Week in Review: 1/26-2/1

Happy Super Bowl day! The weather here has been beautiful and I hope you have all enjoyed the day’s festivities.

Each Sunday, I’ll provide a recap of the week’s excitement (or lack there of) so you can follow along and see what direction we’re taking. If you see any sort of red flags that we might not notice or just have a suggestion, comment or piece of advice, please comment! We appreciate the support!

The UMKULO Project has enjoyed great progress in the last 7 days.

  • As Lauren mentioned in her blog, we met with a few of Belmont University’s “People of Influence” who had impressive ideas, tough questions and a few great contacts to help us grow.
  • We attended a luncheon with Kimberly Smith from Alabama who started an orphanage in Sudan and her own non-profit helping victims of human trafficking. She had words of encouragement and gave us a few contacts around Nashville who might be able to help us attach ourselves to a larger organization. This might be our best bet while still an infant entity because an established non-profit has already gone through the legal process and could keep us afloat while we grow instead of trying to do it all ourselves.
  • I spoke at a “Go! Week” event at Belmont — a week devoted to getting college students thinking about service locally, nationally and world-wide. I gave my story and how anything is possible when it comes to helping. You may just wind up going to Africa a few times! I passed out some flyers and business cards that we created last week. You never know who might be interested or who they might tell. It’s this grass-roots mentality that is going to make or break us.
  • We’re developing a more official website. I can’t yet give out the address because it’s still a work in progress and want it to be ready for anyone who might find it, but it’s going to have the same feel as this blog and should be ready in the coming weeks. An enormous thanks to Julian Winsor who is doing all of this because of his love for helping others in web design.

There you have it. January 26th – February 1st. Next week is bound to be exciting. A 3-day conference starts tomororrow with Living Hope, an AIDS organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. They’re the first organization Lauren and myself worked with over there and it’s their work that has inspired us to do great things in their vacinity. We’ll be discussing our relationship with them and how we can work together to keep the Mobile Music Academy running smoothly.

Take care!

Chris Dorsey—Review Man

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