Posted by: The Story Lady | 5 February 2009

There is a snowball flying down the mountain and I think we’re it

Sometimes life moves faster than you think it could. One month ago The Umkulo Project had a vision and a powerpoint. Today it has a trinity of business brains, rapidly rising partnerships, and digital media to tell the story.

This week alone has fostered several new developments and new potential relationships. The best of which happened Tuesday at the Living Hope Conference at Brentwood Baptist Church. I walk into the lobby and meet Kendra Crabtree talking to Adam about how she wants to go to Cape Town and teach music with her music education degree from Belmont…Awesome. (Christy Ridings introduced her to Chris) She is unofficially now a part of the Umkulo Team and attending our meeting tonight with Avril Thomas, co-founder of the Mobile Music Academy.

Avril begins the meeting with updates on the program and it appears as though The Umkulo Project is poised to be able to really help. The kids learning in Capricorn under the Mobile Music Academy have been loved on immensely and have had great opportunities to jam with local musicians. The Academy is also starting a new program in the public school of the Masi township where hundreds of kids will receive music education for the first time.  We were so excited to hear the positive possibilities happening in Cape Town that we could impact. Bring it on!

Ever since that meeting it has felt like a snowball effect of confirmation, connections and love for The Umkulo Project. Jeromy Deibler, the lead singer of FFH, offered a hand of help to Chris over coffee. Belmont is helping us do our first fundraiser.  And so much more.

The more exciting part has to do with you and every person we meet who are digesting the vision and believing that this project is so much bigger than a couple of college students. The movement is really just as big as we allow it to be because music flows seamlessly between people and the people of Africa should be connected to us by more than just money. I hope we’re all ready for the ride The Umkulo Project is about to take us on.

Lauren Winfield — The Story Lady


  1. Excellent! And I’m so sorry I missed the conference; my day job and a memory slip got in the way; but even then Living Hope was still on my mind:

    Let me know how I can help!


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