Posted by: chrisdorsey87 | 8 February 2009

Week in Review: 2/2-2/8

What an incredible week it’s been!

  • Monday:
    • The Living Hope Conference began — Living Hope is an AIDS organization in Cape Town, South Africa.
    • Before the conference, I met with Kendra Crabtree who graduated from Belmont with a music education degree. She began dreaming about ways to use her gifts in Africa and realized a year-long trip to the Mobile Music Academy might be a way The Umkulo Project could help equip them. She’s officially now part of the Umkulo Team.
    • I went to the Conference and was so excited to see John and Avril who created Living Hope. John was in the White House a number of times the past year informing the US Government how to effectively fight AIDS in Africa.
  • Tuesday
    • Day 2 of the Conference
    • Christy Ridings (Belmont Spiritual Leader) and Kendra were both there. I found out The Tennessean newspaper was interested in a story about The Umkulo Project. So far, no word from them, but that could lead to some amazing things!
    • Lauren, Adam, Kendra and I all met with Avril to discuss the present status of the Mobile Music Academy and what kinds of needs we can begin to fill. They are in a transition period but will begin to dream larger than their current resources allow knowing that we’re behind them. It was great knowing we were all on the same page.
    • John preached at Kairos, a young adults service. He has a way of inspiring everyone to get off their behinds and get to work helping out people in need.
    • The Umkulo Team had dinner to begin looking forward.
  • Wednesday
    • Day 3 of the Conference
    • Jeromy Deibler led the conference in a song or two before the day’s discussion. He’s in the band FFH and has had a very successful career in the music industry. He also lived in Africa for 6 months and feels he is supposed to return when the timing is right. I introduced myself and the two of us left the conference to discuss The Umkulo Project at a nearby Starbucks. Jeromy caught the vision and offered his full support however that might look. This could lead to wonderful things especially since he’s involved in other African charities and has been there himself.
  • The Umkulo Team is busy planning a week-long fundraiser at Belmont University. The school has given us the approval to do a Coin War involving every dorm on campus (1000+ students!).
  • The Umkuo Website continues to develop and should hopefully be ready by the end of February.
  • The Umkulo Business Plan should be completed the first week of March giving us another tool to show business-minded individuals who are curious to see if we know exactly what we’re doing.
  • Lots of contacts have yet to be contacted, but our week has been pretty full and we’ll hopefully expand The Umkulo Circle as the days and weeks go by!
  • You can now donate directly to The Umkulo Project! Please know we are not quite an official 501(c)3, so your donations will not be a tax write-off, but it will still be going to great use in our growth and in our desire to help provide music education to children in Africa. Plus, it will bring us one step closer to the official title of a US Govt-Approved Non-Profit Organization!

Tonight, I’ll be attending a national radio conference with Jeromy and will hopefully meet some great contacts and interested musicians.

Whew! What a week! Thanks for every bit of support and encouragement!

Chris Dorsey—Review Man


  1. Your week in review sounds exciting. This is the first one we have read. You are making great progress. We love you and are proud of your commitment to helping others.

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