Posted by: The Story Lady | 12 February 2009

Burn and Grow

I went to Glacier National Park this past September and saw the remnants of a natural forest fire. Apparently, it’s part of the cycle for the forest to burn an area and refertilize the ground for new growth. It’s a jarring sight but a beautiful concept.

The great thing about an Umkulo meeting is that our friction creates fires and consequently new areas in which we can grow.

Our last meeting at Bongo Java (the unofficial Umkulo office) basically consisted of hashing out details for our first fundraiser, a Coin War at Belmont University. We’re excited but also stressed and anxious. There was a moment where we were circling a point each having a different perspective; because we didn’t shy away from conflict, we kept talking and asking questions which eventually led to the discovery of how we could work better and more closely to relieve some weight from the Dude with the vision.

 This might sound strange but I look forward to burning with my Umkulo colleagues and growing new ground.

Wildfire at Glacier National Park

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