Posted by: umkulo | 15 February 2009

Week in Review: 2/9-2/15

Another week down. Another series of great Umkulo activities.

  • I went to a national radio conference with Jeromy and was introduced to Missy Zahn and Barrett Ward. Barrett started his own non-profit called the Mocha Club and Missy works with him. Their organization is under the umbrella organization of African Leadership. We’ve had many recommendations to attach ourselves to an established organization, but no real idea of how to do this effectively. We’re keeping our options open, but know that we’ve got to figure this out soon if we are to have that coveted 501(c)3 status.
  • The rest of the week has been in preparation for a fundraiser we’re doing:
    • We’re doing a “Coin War” at Belmont University
    • It is set up so that each of the 8 dorms will compete against each other to raise as much money as possible. The winning dorm will get an ice cream party with some great live music after spring break.
    • The Cafeteria will be the central location. Each dorm will have their own container and we’ll update who is in the lead each day so the others can keep/catch up.
    • To do this we’ve had to get approval from Residence Life (they’re over all the dorms) and Dining Services (for the ice cream party and for using the Cafeteria). Both have been extremely supportive.
    • We’ve ordered a banner
    • Created posters and hand-outs to go all over campus
    • Scheduled a lecture/student info meeting to tell about the Umkulo Project and our Coin War
  • Our Coin War was pushed back from Friday 2/20 – 2/28 to Wednesday 2/25 – 3/6 but this will be better in the end. A few extra days up until Spring Break to collect money. More time to get ready. And just better timing in general. We’ve adjusted quite well to these changes and I am proud to say we’ve weathered some mighty storms in a healthy kind of way.
  • We are trying to get our business plan done by March 5th. Belmont has an “Entreprenuer of the Year” award to a Belmont student who is starting or planning to start a business venture. In order to win, a 10-20 page business plan must be completed and the chosen finalist will present in front of a panel of judges. No harm in trying and this could lead to some great opportunities.
    • 1st Place — $5,000
    • 2nd Place — $3,000
    • 3rd Place — $1,000

Staying plenty busy! Thanks for following along!

Chris Dorsey—Detail Man


  1. Sounds great, Chris.

    Be sure and let me know how I can help!


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