Posted by: The Story Lady | 20 February 2009

Public Speaking! Walk the Talk!

I woke up nervous as a goat and met a fairly bleary-eyed Chris at the Belmont Beaman Student Life Center this morning. “It’s just a convo!” I kept saying to myself as I continually adjusted my hat and coat. Usually I’m not this nervous about speaking in front of people but for some reason at the moment I could have really used a fire drill.

Fortunately, I have a friend called GOD and he helped me out this morning. In fact, I believe Chris and I had a wonderful time telling people about our faith journeys in creating The Umkulo Project. I feel like we held their attention and articulated important concepts that we want to tell people. It was invaluable practice to be forced to find a structure to our presentation and words to our philosophy to sell people on. Because honestly, we are trying to give people a new perspective/world view on poverty, Africa, and America’s relationship with Africa. That is a big undertaking!

Having that experience under our belt, I can’t wait for the next one. I feel like we will just get stronger and embody more of what we are saying to people. I mean words are powerful enough but when the essence of the person is behind every word they are speaking, it becomes a life-changing thing. We have to truly believe and live out everything we are saying. That’s the challenge and I think we are ready for it. Are you?



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