Posted by: chrisdorsey87 | 23 February 2009

Week in Review: 2/16-2/22

Whew! What a week! Sorry for getting a little behind schedule on our blogs!

Our Coin War was supposed to begin on Friday, but a vital meeting which was supposed to occur on Tuesday was pushed back a week, so instead we adjusted and changed the dates from Friday 2/20—2/27 to Wednesday 2/25—3/6 giving us ten days instead of eight and a few more days to get all our ducks in a row.

We tried to take this week slowly, making sure everything was done. Posters were finally printed. The banner was completed on Wednesday. I met with our website designer, Julian to finish any last details. We are waiting until after the Coin War (and my Spring Break) to make the switch, but it is up and running and ready for the world to see, even though there are a few pages we still need to hatch out!

On Friday, Lauren and I held a student convocation/discussion about Africa and how we can effectively help. We talked about how conventional aid has a) been portraying Africa to be “Hell on Earth” which it definitely is not, and b) done a relatively good job providing basic need for millions of people, but throwing a fish to a hungry man will never be as helpful as spending time with him and helping him learn how to fish so he can teach others.

Lauren and Adam have been delving into the Umkulo Business Plan which will hopefully be completed by March 6th (fingers crossed). I have been focusing more time on visual-related things (website, banner, flyers, graphics, etc). All of us have pitched in time and money to make this Coin War work and as we launch it this week, we’ll know that we’ve prepared as well as possible. It’s out of our hands now!

Take care!

This will be an exciting (and disgustingly busy) week for us!

Chris Dorsey — Detail Man


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