Posted by: The Story Lady | 26 February 2009

Coin War or Sometimes Biscuits Can Make Everything Better

It’s official! We’ve launched our first coin war fundraiser at Belmont University! We’ve taped posters all around campus, talked to resident directors, and posted campus announcements on online. After all our PR, we have a table set up in the cafeteria with a huge, colorful banner and mason jars collecting coins. We’re refining our approach everyday and I think this will be great experience to have under our belt when we get our volunteer coordination started. 

One of the most interesting revelations of doing the coin war is how the students react. Most who stop and ask what we’re doing have a very positive reaction. Some examples are, “Oh, cool!” or “Dude, good idea.” The problem is just getting them to stop and ask. I think that will be our task for the rest of the time doing The Umkulo Project. We have such a cool idea and a great story that I believe the hardest part will be compelling people to slow down and hear the need. Once they hear it, I don’t they will have a problem getting behind it. 

Incidentally, that is part of what Barrett Ward, the director of Mocha Club, said to Chris and I last week in a meeting over one of the best southern breakfasts I had eaten in a while (sometimes biscuits can make everything better). Inside Sylvan Park Restaurant, I had a moment in which my sensei discerned the right questions and the right truth at the right time. Barrett Ward pointed out the holes in our Umkulo sail and then redirected us with patchwork tools in our hands.  It was such a great learning time because we got the chance to do our first pitch and then have a Q & A tennis match. He loved the concept and encouraged us, but also took the time to help us work out some kinks on how to present Umkulo to people. In the end, we finally had some answers to our real and impending, directional questions.

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