Posted by: chrisdorsey87 | 1 March 2009

Week in Review: 2/23 – 3/1

So, the Coin War has officially begun and is already halfway over!

Going back to Monday though, Lauren and I had a wonderful breakfast chat with Barrett Ward, the founder of the Mocha Club. They’ve been around for five years or so and I remember back when I first arrived in Nashville and heard about them for the first time. They were just getting started. I nearly dropped out of school to move to Africa in my first semester at university and it was then that I first met Barrett asking him for advice. Lauren has done some extensive volunteer work with Mocha Club.

Anywho, he helped us see through some muck and gave us great feedback that we’ll use to keep molding and chiseling The Umkulo Project into fruition. While we’ve accomplished a lot in the first two months, we’ve run into some obstacles.

This is my analogy: Here we are, sitting in this pitch dark room. Through weeks and now months of discussion, we’ve realized that this room would be so much more beautiful with light. We’ve drawn up what that light could do, why it’s needed and who exactly needs it. But that’s where we are. Still in the dark room. We’ve realized that a light bulb would brighten up this dark room, but now the next step is deciding what kind of light bulb we need and how to get it. Do we borrow the light bulb? Do we create our own? Do we go out and hope someone donates the light bulb? What sort of light bulb would be best, and what sort of light bulb would last the longest? Until we figure those two important details: what kind of light bulb we need and how to get it, there is no point in flipping the switch on, because nothing will happen. One could even argue that the switch has already been flipped and once we get that light bulb and figure out how to screw it in, the light will fill the room with beauty and we’ll be in business.

We’re on our way though. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Adam’s job has been a roller coaster ride. Kendra is back in Knoxville. Lauren and I are hanging on by a thread. This Coin War has taught us a lot in the few days it’s been running, but it has also taken our focus off more of the pressing issues we need to hash out. This stuff is not easy. Especially if we want to succeed. And we do. And it will. Our vision gets clearer each week and spring break (next week) will give us a perfectly-timed period of reflection.

Once we return, The Umkulo Project will be trying to find it’s way from the beginning visionary stage to a more defined start-up stage. This is really the most pivotal point in the whole process. Stay tuned!

Chris Dorsey


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