The UMKULO Philosophy is mulitdimensional.

We are weary of the perception that Africa needs to be “saved” or “fixed” as if it’s broken. We see the continent in a different light.

  1. Africa is not just a place of war, disease, corruption and poverty. Unfortunately, parts of Africa have one or more of those tragic realities, but it is far from the primitive culture many people believe it to be. Africa is a special place. The food tastes better. The air is cleaner. The love is more genuine. We just believe the good of Africa outweighs the bad.
  2. Instead of thinking we know what is best for Africa, let’s listen. We don’t claim to have all the answers. How can we? We can never understand what it is like to experience the hardships of a third-world country because even if we visit, it’s far different from living it our whole lives. But, we have spent ample time on the ground, listening to wearisome Africans and we’ve heard their cry. Our goal is not to turn our great dreams for Africa into reality, but to turn Africa’s great dreams into reality — specifically those whose dreams involve teaching music and using the arts as a way to awaken hope.
  3. Music has the power to transform individuals and entire communities. It even has the power to heal all six dimensions of poverty.
  4. Umkulo is a movement of inspiration. Sure, we’re turning this into a non-profit organization. This is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. And yes, Umkulo means music in a few African languages, but it’s our firm belief, along with several others born and raised in the poorest areas over there, that umkulo provides hope.
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